Dunk Tanks

We have all kinds of Dunk tanks available for your next event! A few different styles to suit your needs.  Add them to your rental or pick them up from our location!

Large 500 gallon Dunk Tank $245(Day)

*Please note, dunk tanks are usually set up the day before an event and picked up the day after.  If you need specific delivery and pick up times please contact our office.  Additional fees may apply.  Or you may pick it up yourself with a separate deposit from our Algonquin warehouse.

Don't Let Anyone Stand on the Seat

Dunk tanks are one part skill game, one part interactive game. The person in the tank might playfully taunt the person throwing softballs at the target. Don't let standing on the seat become part of the taunting. These seats drop straight out from under people, dumping them into the water tank. If you allow people to stand on the seat, they could pitch forward and hit their head on the edge of the tank, creating a drowning risk if they knock themselves unconscious. Don't ever allow anyone to stand on the seat.

Have the Right Equipment

You'll always want to make sure your dunk targets are wearing proper attire before getting into the tank. Make sure they're wearing clothes they don't mind getting wet and non-slip shoes that will provide traction even when soaked. Offer goggles for those getting dunked to help keep the water out of their eyes. Pick a colorful set of goggles and make it part of the attraction. You can even give them a snorkel and flippers to add to the aesthetic.

Don't Leave the Tank Unattended

Dunk tanks can hold upwards of 500 gallons of water at a time. Don't ever abandon a filled tank, especially if there are children or non-swimmers around. An unattended tank creates a drowning hazard, and in addition to being a tragedy, it creates a liability for your fundraiser. If you find yourself unable to supervise the tank for any length of time, drain it to make sure it's safe for anyone nearby.

Mind the Weather

It might seem silly to shut down your dunk tank when it's raining — people in the tank are going to get wet anyway — but you must keep an eye on the weather. It's vital to do so if there's a thunderstorm in the forecast, because water and lightning are a dangerous combination. Plus, no one is going to want to come out and throw balls at a target if they're going to get wet doing it. If the weather is looking poor, consider rescheduling your fundraiser to keep everyone safe and dry.